What is the cause of ginger peel? What control measures are in place?


What is the cause of ginger peel? What measures can be taken to control ginger flower peel? These are the questions often asked by farmers when ginger peels appear. This article will give you a detailed introduction in this regard, hoping to help farmers better cope with ginger peel and increase ginger yield.
    Causes of ginger peel:
    1. Continuous cropping. Planted in successive years, the accumulation of germs in the severely stubble plots is large, which is prone to disease.
    2. Clay and soil compacted plots: The poor permeability of compacted plots and clayey soils can easily lead to the appearance of ginger on the surface of the ginger and its redness.
    3, low water, low-lying places with a lot of water. High humidity and impermeable.
    4. Lack of medium and trace elements: In addition to the lack of medium and trace elements in ginger, such as calcium, silicon, boron, etc., in addition to the poor growth of the upper leaves, it will also cause the underground ginger block to have poor resistance and be easily infected by bacteria.
What is the cause of ginger peel? What control measures are in place?
    Ginger peel protection measures:
    ① Stubble! Here I tell you that it is not like friends in Weifang area: Taro, yam, potatoes, shallots, peanuts and other crops are used for stubble. First, taro, yam, and potatoes are all underground tuber crops. Some diseases or bacteria have , So it can not play the role of stubble. There are many underground pests on the crops, such as green onions and onions, which are not suitable for crop stubble. Peanut root-knot nematodes are also unsuitable. Therefore, it is necessary to choose crops: wheat, corn and other crops for crop stubble, and at least 3 years.
    ② Soil acidification and compacted plots can appropriately reduce the use of compound fertilizers, appropriately increase the use of bacterial and organic fertilizers, and use them with alkaline soil conditioning products to increase soil permeability and soil pH. , Making the soil environment unsuitable for the growth of germs.
    ③ supplementary trace elements
    ④ Fungicides can be used to treat ginger seeds or spray ginger furrows when planting ginger.