When is the right time to pump ginger? How to draw the film?


When is the right time to pump ginger? How to draw the film?
    After the wheat harvest is over, ginger planting has reached the critical period of management-weaning period and pumping period. These two periods have a certain overlap time, so it is important to choose the time of pumping. why? When is filming appropriate?
When is the right time to pump ginger? How to draw the film?
    About weaning and pumping
    Regarding the growth of ginger, the growth of the early part mainly depends on the ginger species, so the quality of ginger species and the quality of ginger buds are related to the growth of ginger in the seedling stage. Ginger can self-support since the first leaf of ginger is fully unfolded, but most of the nutrients still come from the ginger species, and the ginger root system absorbs water and some nutrients required by the plant. By the time of the three-stranded branch, all ginger species were transferred to autotrophic growth. This is what I call the "weaning period" during the transformation process, the growth of ginger plants will change to varying degrees. If external conditions are not suitable, a "not long-term phenomenon" will occur during this time.
    During the pumping period, the film covering in the early stage mainly plays a role of heat preservation and shading. As the plant grows and the external conditions change, the film covering effect becomes smaller and smaller. The field film will bring inconvenience to many field operations , So it is necessary to pull the film at the right time.
    These two phases have overlapping phases, so proper filming time is essential for the normal growth of ginger.
When is the right time to pump ginger? How to draw the film?
    When is the right time to draw the film
    The filming time is determined based on the growth status of ginger in the field. Followed by the surrounding planting environment to determine.
    Growth Status:
   Growth condition of the head buds: The head buds grow a lot, the small arch shed has already touched the film or will be pressed very hard, and it must be released out of the film. In the case of two buds and three buds that have not yet emerged or have just emerged, it is necessary to choose to delay the film extraction, destroy the film as much as possible, and spray insecticides and fungicides.
    Suitable for the growth of pumping film: two buds are growing together, three buds have been unearthed (the growth situation of this year, excluding normal years), and the fast growing is that the three buds are together. Start pumping.
    The membrane is drawn too early, the ginger seedlings are too small, and the weaning stage is affected by the external environment (except for the flat membrane ginger). The flat membrane ginger was outside the membrane from the beginning, and the adaptability has already occurred. The film was drawn too late, and the growth of the seedlings affected by the film was greatly affected.
    Impact of the surrounding environment:
    Is there any need to spray post-emergent herbicides on the surrounding crops, and avoid filming at this stage.
    Suitable time for pumping film: Afternoon (after 4 o'clock), rainy weather (spray fungicide in time)